Patchouli & Mango Deodorant Stick

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Barbara Dunseith

I love this deodorant! I was skeptical at first about how this was going to work, but after using it for a few months I can say that I'm impressed! It can take a bit of getting used to but after about a week I had already adapted and have found this to be excellent even after a run/bike ride. The scent is pleasant and lasts all day. I find that it glides on easiest when I warm the stick against the skin first.

Miranda Butters
Love it

Smells gorgeous, feels great, love it, will definitely buy it again.

Angela Cole
Smells lovely

Overall i was impressed with the scent and it glided on nicely but found it really difficult to push the deodrant up the tube to use it . use

Manda Lank
Perfect eco deodorant!

I use this deodorant daily in a bust environment and still smell lovely at the end of the working day. The scent is lovely and compliments the body well. Once warmed for a few seconds, the stick glides well and it's easy to spread round more with your fingers to ensure that there's not too much in your armpits. The mango is a little sweet and the deodorant a little sticky feeling but it washes away cleanly and easily at the end of the day, does it's job perfectly and smells lovely (althought the mango to patchouli ratio I feel would work better with less mango). A great product which I will purchase again. I also have to rose scent. Wearing both, I have been asked what perfume I have on and people are astounded that it's my deodorant, and a natural one at that !

Penny Horsman
Delightful fragrance

Works as well as any conventional deodorant I have used. Great smell. Highly recommend.


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