The Ultimate Skin Cleanse - 100% Natural Charcoal Mask Powder

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Bought this based on the reviews and was careful to open after reading the charcoal goes everywhere! Mixed two spoons with a tiny bit of water, otherwise it goes very liquid like. Put the paste on my face and left for 10 minutes. I could notice it flaking off, so hopped in the shower to wash it off. So much easier than washing it off in the sink. Left my face looking really glowing and I could see the spots etc coming up. Used it twice so far, just once a week and I have noticed a difference to my skin. Looks healthy and more clear.

Naomi Bull
Great For Skin, Not So Good for Mess & Effort

Having used this, I'm happy to say my skin is super soft, looks more settled and even toned. However, the powder gets everywhere so open the tin very gently and over the sink. I mix in a little water, its a learning curve to get the right consistency but just adjust powder/water until its a gloopy kind of mask. Once on, I quickly realised it was going to be very hard to remove, the only way I could actually get it off (having tried a hot flannel & water for a long time) was with a foaming cleanser, washed twice. This worked a dream and it lathered straight off. Also, it did stain my sink just from the water (not washing off with water/spray), so have a magic sponge etc handy to clean afterwards.
All in all it's a very good mask and I'm glad to have found a plastic free option but my top tips would be:
1,. Make sure you're over a sink or even a bowl etc
2. Have a foaming face wash handy and use this to wash it off - rather than rubbing skin raw with cloths/flannels
3. Don't leave the coloured water or powder on surfaces, wipe off immediately
4. Have a magic eraser etc ready to clean the sink afterwards

Leslie Anglade
Loved this product

Just a little bit messy but great for my skin!

Feels good but very messy!

I like charcoal masks as they tend to work well for my combination skin and help draw out impurities if I use once a week or so. This comes in a lovely tin but I have to be very careful when opening it as the powder escapes and I found it took a bit of scrubbing to get off my sink.
The mask can be used in different concentrations around the face which is really useful and I didn't feel like it had that horrid tight feeling as it dries quite as much as some others I have tried. I removed it by splashing warm water which, again, caused a mess in and around the sink as well as got behind my ears & on my arms which took longer to remove than from my face! Going forward, I'll make sure to keep the sink area free and have a cloth/flannel handy when using it.

Patricia Laing
Charcoal mask

Bought this product for my daughter She loves it


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