Activated Charcoal Toothpaste Tablets

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Laura H
Unpleasant taste

I don’t know if I just have more sensitive taste buds to others but I got a stinging/burning sensation on my tongue with these. My partner used them and described it as more of a tingling sensation. For me, they taste very strongly of salt and smell of leather polish. Having said that, I’ve tried them a few times as they do leave your teeth clean and leave a fresh after-taste once you’ve rinsed it out. I’d like to try these without the charcoal, hopefully it will have a different taste 😊

Natasha Mills
Portion control

You don't get the big foamy wash and minty explosion that you get with regular toothpaste, however my teeth do feel clean and I feel good about cutting down on my plastic usage. They are good for the kids as far as portion control goes, usually end up with toothpaste blobs all around the sink! I might try the regular mint ones next.

Fit for purpose but taste awful!

Does what it says on the tin and whitens your teeth nicely but the taste is horrible.
If you can cope with the taste then I would recommend!

Tracey Owens
Charcoal toothpaste tablets

Much better that toothpaste. Teeth feel cleaner and fresher. Also use the mouthwash tablets for that added freshness. Definitely more room around my sink. Would thoroughly recommend.

Chloe Beatrice Gee
The Best Vegan & Fluoride Free Toothpaste!

Absolutely love this toothpaste!! It not only tastes great but it makes my teeth feel really clean AND it's eco friendly. What more could you ask for? Highly recommend.


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