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      Looking After your Makeup Remover Pads & Washing them

      Place your pads in a mesh laundry bag and wash them in the washing machine with your light coloured clothes on a warm wash ( up to 40°C, 104°F) with a gentle detergent and leave the pads to dry naturally. We recommend laying your pads out flat when drying. Do not use fabric softener or bleach when washing your pads. 

      Tough to Remover Stains - Advice

      Some makeup stains are tougher to remove than others. We recommend, if you use your pads to remove mascara & other cosmetics that leave a stain, gently soak your pads in water after removing your makeup before placing in the washbag. This will ensure that any mascara stains are easier to remove when added to your wash cycle. 

      Top Advice from our Customers for Stain Removal:

      • Soak pads after use to prevent stains
      • Lay your pads out to dry in the sun so stains can be bleached out naturally
      • White washing powder to keep your pads white!


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