About Us

In a World full of Plastic, lets be different! 🌿

Theres no perfect solution but some of our choices are kinder and better for the environment than others 🙌

Join Us in our mission to replace day to day plastic & environment damaging products to kinder & smarter options for our planet! 🌍

At MyLittleEcoShop, our mission is to cut down on plastic usage and make the World more aware of their Ecological Impact. We aim to continue to grow our Eco Collection in the efforts to replace 'one time' use plastics with Reusable Durable Options. 


We are small team based in Exeter, Devon, UK. We began MY LITTLE ECO SHOP in January 2020 with the purpose of bringing affordable eco-options to the market. When making the switch to eco products, we were shocked at the prices for sustainable products. We wanted to therefore create a shop that sourced the best eco products we could find that were affordable and minimalistic. Our mission is to create a minimalistic collection of eco-products that don't push consumerism through greenwashing but instead host a collection of bare essential eco products that are fairly priced for consumers.