My Little Eco Shop Dish Scrubbing Brush

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Leanne H
Head came off the stick 🥴

Head came off the stick after about one week so I keep having to jam it back in. Still functions but it is loose

Laura H
Kitchen staple

This is a staple in our kitchen now, works great for cleaning lots of different items

Rebecca Andrews
Great little scrubbing brush

Can't believe how great this natural scrubbing brush is. Every kitchen needs one!!

Annette May
Eco scrubbing brush

Hard wearing and definitely up for the job, I bought this to try and love it!!

Eleanor Mason
Fantastic and solved some problems I was having

My problems were that traditional metal scourers were a pain because food would get stuck there badly, they would ruin pans and after a while, would disintigrate leaving little metal shavings in my dish cloths (which were hard to find and could cause cuts/ scratch non stick pans). This brush gives me the scouring ability but also is gentle enough to use on non stick pans. I've found it easy to clean- just run water through it and any remnants just come out nice and easy. The handle feels nice in my hand and really sturdy. I really enjoy using this brush because it makes washing up easier but also it's nice to not be using environmentally unfriendly products. It's a bit more expensive than the short term use products, but this feels like it will last a year or more


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