Why Making the Swap to Re-useable Sanitary Pads is better for your Health & the Environment?

Sanitary pads are one of many items that women like you around the globe use on a monthly basis; they’re also a product that you probably don’t think twice about when picking a packet off the shelves. But you should, because there are an abundance of advantages for choosing certain types of pads over others. More specifically, re-usable ones. “But what are these benefits?” I hear you ask. Well…

The Environment

One of the biggest problems we face in our modern world is how to combat the devastation the human race is inflicting upon our planet. But small things such as eating organically and managing power usage can make a difference; and this is no different when it comes to reusable sanitary products. The plastic used in the pads is not biodegradable. When dumped in places where they cannot be disintegrated, they can pollute the surroundings for years. A lot of this plastic ends up in the ocean, where it can kill underwater wildlife if ingested. When it eventually washes up on beaches, clean-up operations can take days to fully rid the coastline of plastic. By switching to reusable pads this problem is avoided. The pads are recycled into new products, and don't end up causing damage we see with traditional pads.

Your Personal Health

As many of you will know, pads can be extremely uncomfortable and irritating at times. And if you have very sensitive skin, sometimes the chemicals in the pads can also be harmful to your body. Reusable pads can eliminate all of these problems! Most brands are allergen-free, so those with more sensitive skin can rest easy. These sanitary pads are also a lot more breathable, and just more comfortable in general.

Pricing and Cost-Effectiveness

One of the main reasons why a lot of women make the switch to reusable pads is due to how you save more money in the long run. Instead of buying new pads every month, the reusable pads do exactly what they say on the packaging; they are reusable (go figure). As long as they are washed thoroughly, the pads can be reused multiple times. This comes in handy if you didn’t have the chance to go to the shops to get new ones at a time of desperate need.

Empowerment and More Freedom

Another major problem with most sanitary pads is how they restrict your everyday movements. This is especially problematic when it comes to sport and exercise. But the reusable pads help with this too! They are a lot more discreet and allow you to carry out your everyday activities as you would normally. Not only is this more convenient but it is also a massive confidence booster. Although some might prefer to be more discreet, a lot of women nowadays think that it’s not something to be ashamed of. Yet, the plain white colour of the plastic pads is not exactly fun. Reusable pads come in a variety of colours, disregarding the once prevalent, “Culture of Concealment”.

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  • Sally

    I have also just received my pads and washed them. Can you tell me which side should be next to the skin? Also can you tell me where your products are manufactured? Thank you so much!

  • Christine Wilson

    I have just received my pads, are they waterproof and which side up do you put the pads next to the skin?

  • Sue

    I have occasional bladder leakage are the sanitary pads suitable for this?

  • Sharon

    Exactly what are these made of? Are they water/leak proof?

  • Eilis Cronjaeger

    Can I use these for incontinence? Now 60 and no longer have periods but do have leaks

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