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1/First of all, we would love you to share the story of your business with us in a short statement - where and how you started and what inspired you. 
I started my business after leaving university, hoping it would be a good side hustle to keep me occupied. My first candles were made on my parents' dining table, and I melted the soy wax on their stove. From there it just grew and grew; I wanted to create scents that were unique and changed the atmosphere in your room, without any fussy packaging or animal derived ingredients. 
2/As your own boss and a small business owner how do you juggle your work and life and ensure that you don't work too much?
I'm a self confessed workaholic and I do get a lot of joy from running my business, but I do try to find a balance to avoid burnout. I get out for an hour every morning with my dog Norman which keeps me sane; no phones, no emails, no thinking about accounts or cash flow! Setting boundaries is always helpful, but I allow myself to be flexible - if inspiration strikes at 2pm on a Sunday, I'll roll with it, and I don't try to force myself into the standard 9 to 5 routine.
3/Where do your product and branding ideas come from? 
All of our products are something I'd want in my own home, so my inspiration really comes from my own taste. I love timeless design over trends, and lean towards classic and masculine fragrances for our range. I'm always inspired by industrial, gender-neutral design and home decor. Scent is an incredibly personal experience but ultimately I believe if I truly love something, other people will love it too, so that's how I develop my product range.
4/What is your best advise for people starting small businesses that you wish you knew when you were starting?
My advice for anyone starting a small business is to make lots of mistakes early on so you can learn from them! There's also never going to be a 'perfect time' and you'll never feel quite ready, but you don't need to be perfect, you just need to start. Every day will be a school day, so you just have to hold on tight and be ready to learn.
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