The Benefits Of Using Reusable Face Covering Versus Disposable Masks

Did you know, Brits are sending over 1.6 billion non-biodegradable face masks to landfill every single month according to research, this number is sharply on the increase with new Covid Restrictions. 

While disposable masks offer a fast and effective solution to protect you and your community in the short-term, replacing disposable masks on a regular basis can have an untold negative impact on the environment. Research shows that disposable plastic masks that end up at sea could take up to 450 years to fully decompose and eventually leave the marine ecosystem, according to Waste Free Oceans.

 The environmental benefits of using a reusable face mask far outweigh the determinantal uses of plastic disposable masks - so why not try a more sustainable, money saving alternative?

Here are some facts and statistics on why reusable face masks are better for mother earth and society itself:

  1. Disposable masks are made from single-use plastic, which adds to a wider environmental issue -

An estimated 194 billion disposable masks and gloves are being used worldwide every month as a result of the coronavirus pandemic, according to a study in Environmental Science and Technology. With the increased usage of single-use plastic masks by the general public, and with them not being disposed of correctly, single-use masks can create a big environmental issue.


  1. Buying a reusable mask will help save money –

One mask can be washed and reused over 50 times. This means you are saving 50 reusable masks from being used, thus saving you money, and keeping stocks of surgical masks replenished.


  1. Surgical masks are in short supply and are needed by healthcare professionals.

Surgical grade disposable masks are in short supply around the world and are needed by the doctors, carers, and healthcare professionals who are working on the front line to save the lives of those who have contracted COVID-19.

Written by Chloe Walton


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Thanks for sharing this blog. Disposable masks are being found dropped on the floor, on beaches, and in parks. This means that they then cause a further contamination hazard is people may inadvertently touch them.

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