Simple Natural Deodorant Making Recipe

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Here at ECOSHOP we find it hard to find the perfect all natural deodorant. A lot of natural deodorants on the market contain bicarbonate of soda and it leaves us feeling a little bit sensitive on the under arm area! At ECOSHOP our team have been making our own little eco deodorant for the past few months and we are loving the results! The recipe is SUPER simple. Simply melt the ingredients listed below over boiling water and add your favourite essential oil (our favourite is lavender as its got great anti-bacterial properties that leave you smelling fresh!). Once the ingredients have melted together you can pour the liquid into a small tin / carton to set. Leave for around 1 hour and then you have your very own natural deodorant. This recipe is great as you can play around with different essential oils and combine different oils together to make the best smells. Its also really cheap to make and is great for people who suffer with under arm sensitivity. If you want to make your deodorant more creamy, simply add less beeswax / if you want to make more of a roll on deodorant add more beeswax so the liquid solidifies a lot harder. You can either use Pure Beeswax or source your own Vegan Beeswax such as White Wax!

  • 1tsp Coconut Oil
  • 1tsp Shea Butter
  • 1.5tsp Beeswax / Vegan Beeswax Alternative (White Wax)
  • Your Own Essential Oils
If you've got your own natural skincare / deodorant making recipes then feel free to share them below! We're looking for more individuals to help us make a little eco-recipe page, so if you've got an eco-product / your own recipe then let us know below or email us at! It would be great to also feature some small businesses around the UK who are making their own products!



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