Our Argan Shampoo Bars - Transition Care Tips & Tricks

Our Argan Shampoo Bars - Transition Care Tips & Tricks

Our New Argan Shampoo Bars have arrived! Heres our quick little summary of the transition period when swapping to Shampoo Bars from decades of bottled chemical shampoos!
If you don't experience a transition period when switching to solid shampoo bars you are probably not swapping to a 'natural' shampoo bar. A lot of shampoo soaps are full of more chemicals that are no better than Bottled Shampoos! 
When you first use our shampoo bars you may experience a waxy residue feeling which in 'shampoo bar' terms is known as the 'Wax Purge'. This feeling is temporary and can last between a few washes to a month depending on your scalps oil production and your hair type. After your first wash you may be feeling a bit 'yucky' and 'waxy', this is completely normal as it is your hair going into 'detox' mode. After the next few washes the noticeable residue should get less and less the more your hair adapts to this more 'natural' routine. 
Despite this, please make sure you are washing out all the shampoo! We recommend running our bars through your hair like a balm instead of forming a lather. As the bars are quite rich in ingredients, it can cause an overload of shampoo which may result in your hair being saturated in residue. This is normal, as standard shampoo forms a lather, it is natural to want to wash your hair this way but with shampoo bars it is different. 
In conjunction with these bars we have an argan conditioner bars which are the perfect complement to these bars and may help to the transition period and help to leave your hair shiny and smooth!
We have developed a New Introduction to Shampoo Bar Collection (tinned) which can be lathered like normal shampoo by running them under the tap to form a lather. This may help you to power through the transition period better! This is available in seaweed, jasmine, lavender, rose, coffee and blueberry. This has been formulated by combining essential oils with organic coconut oil.


  • Mary Muir

    Good Morning In reply to you email is there any chance its not Shampoo as it did not have paper round it like the other bars did my hair is coloured some times it’s a bit dry on the ends but generally really healthy hair Kind Regards Mary Muir

  • Cathy

    I am trying to make the transition and it doesn’t help that there are two contradictory messages out there! You have to either “rub the bar on your head” OR “create a lather and use that on your hair”. I keep seeing either of these two instructions on every shampoo bar and I’m really confused. Which one is right???!!

  • Barbara Price-Stephens

    I think these instructions should come in print with the order. ! It would be helpful.

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