Meet Jane, the face behind Bare Essentials
At My Little Eco Shop we always aim to support small businesses and their owners. Jane, the owner of Bare Essentials was the first person that we thought of when we started planning this series. Below are some interesting facts that will definitely inspire and motivate you to keep creating!
1/First of all, we would love to know about your business, how you started and what inspired you to start Bare Essentials. We would appreciate if you could give us a short statement explaining your journey and outlining things that inspire you.
Hi, I started the Bare Essentials not long after my daughter was born as she had very dry sensitive skin and I really struggled to find something to help her without all of the synthetic chemicals whilst still being affordable. I thought I would try to make something myself and found I really enjoyed the process of researching the ingredients and making the products. I have developed my range of products over this past year and am looking forward to adding to this in the future. I started with one solid lotion bar and have adapted and changed this over time to create a range of products I now have. Everything is made by hand in small batches by me in my little work room from the house, that way I can make sure everything is fresh and lasts for as long as possible.
I love being out in nature, walking and take inspiration from all of the plants and the environment around me. J have recently enrolled to do a diploma in Natural skincare formulation which is so exciting, hopefully some new products coming in the not to distant future.
2/So, Bare Essentials - Where did the name come from?
The idea for our name was inspired from the original jungle book song ‘The Bare Necessities’ it is my favourite animated film and the words really resonated with me and our vision for simple, natural, uncomplicated lifestyle and skincare products.
We also loved having a bear reference as it is my favourite animal and some of my fondest memories are of bear watching in Canada and North America, getting out in nature We chose  Bare as it eludes to the unrefined raw ingredients we use in all of our products.
3/As a small business owner, what's your work/life balance like? Do you ever stop working?
My work life balance is all over! I never really stop working, as such, especially with having 2 young children (the recent home schooling has made scheduling set working hours a little more tricky) I tend to work in the evenings , It does lead to very late nights but it works well as I can work from home and fit everything around my family.
4/Where do you get your ideas from and motivation to keep going? Are there any particular websites, films, social media profiles that you motivate you to keep going? 
My family is the motivation that keeps me going. It is a great way to be able to work around my children and be there as much as possible for them growing up. My husband is my biggest support he also comes up with lots of good ideas and pushes me to keep developing all of the products and is the best tech support! II have a lot of very inspirational friends who have their own businesses and lots of love and support from those around me really helps. Formula botanica social media is definitely something that motivates me, seeing all the other formulations and what you can achieve, I also love to research natural ingredients.. Eco friendly pages and accounts that show that even the smallest of swaps and changes can make a big difference. Sir David Attenborough is also a huge influence, I have watched so many of his documentaries (most 2 or 3 times as his voice sends me to sleep) but he really is amazing and it keeps me going to do as much as possible to reduce our waste and do what we can to help the planet.
5/Is there anything that you'd tell yourself who was starting Bare Essentials? Words of advice? 
I would tell myself to have more confidence starting out and that the hard work, late nights and all the product testing is worth it. The biggest knock back at the beginning was actually the best thing to happen to the business. I would also say listen to my husband he has a lot of good ideas! 😂
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