In need of inspiration? The story behind Kind Candles is exactly what you need to read Today!

In need of inspiration? The story behind Kind Candles is exactly what you need to read Today!

1/First of all, we would love to know about your business, how you started and what inspired you to start Kind Candles. We would appreciate if you could give us a short statement explaining your journey and outlining things that inspire you.
I’ve always loved being creative and crafting. I studied Product Design at university and realised my interest in designing products that are meaningful, joyful and make a positive impact on someone's life. 
My love for making candles for family and friends became a small business after some wonderful women at my local yoga studio gave me the nudge I desperately needed!
Being an eco-warrior myself, I was passionate about creating an eco-conscious brand that supports worthwhile causes. My goal is to offer candles that transports people to a positive place whether it be a moment wandering through the whispering trees, stargazing at the spellbinding northern sky, or treating yourself to a moment of calm.
2/So, Kind Candles - Where did the name come from?
Kind Candles brand values are…
-Be kind to yourself-
-Be kind to others-
-Be kind to the planet-
I wanted a name that captured this ethos and when my partner asked “What about Kind Candles?” it felt pretty perfect!
Not only does it capture the qualities of being vegan & cruelty free, supporting local charities and being eco-conscious, it encourages self-care and treating yourself and others with kindness. 
What I love about candles is that you’re literally gifting yourself or a loved one the gift of light. This is so special and it’s amazing to see people spread this love! 
3/As a small business owner, what's your work/life balance like? Do you ever stop working (haha)?
Ooo not really! As I work another full-time job outside of Kind Candles, keeping a healthy work life balance can sometimes be a challenge. I’ve been trying new things to help me use my time more efficiently. For example, I’ve recently invested in a wax melting machine. The time it has saved can now be used for developing new products and preparing orders. Setting some boundaries can help, as well as taking breaks for kitchen discos and cat cuddles!
4/Where do you get your ideas from and motivation to keep going? Are there any particular websites, films, social media profiles that you motivate you to keep going?
So many things, where do I start?! I’ve got wonderful family and friends that have supported me since the beginning. My partner is my own personal cheerleader, just without the pom poms! He’s always there to celebrate my wins and stays up through the nights with me making candles in the Christmas lead up (which any other business will know is a wild, sleepy and exciting time!). 
Collaborating with other local small businesses that share my ethos has also provided lots of inspiration and new ideas. Working with The Eco Larder (@theecolarder), a local zero-waste shop, we created a tin return scheme to help close the loop. I am inspired by my friend and local yoga teacher, Rachel Ellen Yoga (@rachelellenyoga) who uses her voice to empower others. We created candle and yoga gift sets; a little box of kindness that shares some peace and tranquility. 
I get ideas by looking for moments that spark joy and exploring how I can use smell to evoke these feelings in others. Reminiscing of adventures growing up in Scotland has helped turn some of this magic into unique candles and wax melts. 
Finally, seeing some of my customers notes and gift messages that are added to their orders is a big source of motivation. It really does make my heart feel full to know that the candles I make in my kitchen spread light and love!
5/Is there anything that you'd tell yourself who was starting Kind Candles? Words of advice?
I would tell myself to stay connected to your purpose and keep a healthy relationship with social media. It’s so easy to compare yourself to others on Instagram and this can really affect your mental health and cloud your own vision. Remember that everyone is on their own journey and that your path will look different from others. Be patient with growth and don’t be disheartened by setbacks as they’re perfect opportunities to learn and improve.  ❤️

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  • Angel McFerren

    What a truly wonderful story,and an even more amazing path you are on,glad your staying true to your principles. I’m going into your shop now,as I haven’t been before, and I’m so excited to have found you,cause I just know I will fall in love with your products. From a fellow Scot, I’m proud to hear our homeland has inspired your passion. Thank goodness I have found you.
    Blessings, love and light Angel

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