How to create a perfect at home spa for Mother’s Day
Not sure how to make your mums day extra special this Mother's Day?
Or are you a mum and in need for some pamper ideas? 
Either way! We've got you covered: 


Not only will they look good on the side in your bathroom but they will also moisturise your skin and the scents will fill your bathroom when you are having a "Me Day". You, your mum or your best friend - Everyone will enjoy this colorful variety:

6 bath bombs for just £14!

What would a bath be without a nice smelling candle? Or if your pamper day only includes reading a book and taking time to yourself our new range of candles offers a variety of different scents from Bergamot to Mango! Light it and close your eyes to transport yourself to a sunny holiday destination...

£3.99 each!


If you and your family are having a facemask day for Mother's Day and everyone has a different skin type - our powder face masks are the ones for you! You can customise them by adding oils and serums to them or by simply using water to transform them into a smooth paste..


All mums need extra loving this year! So why not treat all your mum friends to a small gift? Our bath bomb prices start at just £3 and are a great way to let all mums know that they need to get their bath running!


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