Elementary Scents - Vegan, Cruelty Free and long lasting fregrance!
Welcome back to our journal! In this entry we would like to talk to you about the amazing duo that produces those beautifully packaged, vegan and cruelty free perfumes - something that every zero waste fan keeps looking for. We got in touch with Elementary Scents to ask a few questions that we think our customers and readers will be interested to read about so here you are! Enjoy the read and shop below:
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  • Firstly, please tell us where the idea of your business came from and what inspired you to begin Elementary Scents?
  • Steve and I met at university back in 2003 and have been best friends ever since. We’ve always shared a huge love of nature, art, and all things weird and wonderful, and wanted to put it all to good use! We set out to create something that hasn’t been done before and noticed that nobody was doing a perfume or aftershave in the way we wanted to see it. We’re both huge advocates for natural, sustainable options when it comes to beauty and cosmetics, but fragrance just seemed to be missing something. We wanted to liven things up by creating bold, distinctive scents that stood out for all the right reasons! We want anyone that wears our parfums to feel as good as they smell.
  • Tell us the difference between your perfumes and the ones we can purchase from an ordinary perfume shop? We would love to know about the environmental impact, pricing and design. 
  • Such a great and really important question! We’ve always tried to price our products fairly and focus on making sure more of the price you pay actually goes towards what’s in the bottle. We haven’t cut corners because we want to create beautiful, natural fragrances that aren't only kind to you but also the environment. Our ingredients are all completely natural (you’ll never see any nasties such as synthetics or aroma-chemicals), sustainably sourced, and are made by hand in the UK in small batches. Our packaging and bottles are all completely zero-waste and can be reused or recycled, and our screw-on atomisers mean you can spritz your favourite whiff and reuse it on your next bottle. In short, we want your money to go towards something that matters and avoid the false economy of both cheaper perfume and the over-inflated price tag of most designer scents. Plus you’re buying directly from us, the people making what you’re buying, which is always nice!
  • Your packaging! Please tell us about the process behind your product design, label illustration ideas and finally packaging. What inspires you and brings the initial product idea to you?
  • Ahh, loving your enthusiasm about our packaging, thank you! When we first started thinking about our design and labels we knew we wanted something that would reflect the experience you’ll get whilst wearing the fragrance. It was also really important to create something that you don’t want to bin once you’ve finished it. Our bottles may be fully recyclable, but we want to encourage our customers to have them on display and give them a new life! With all that in mind we really took our time when it came to any decisions for our labelling and were lucky enough to work with one of our favourite artists from the States, Leslie Herman. He does a lot of art and illustrations for music and beer and really got us and what we wanted Elementary to convey.
  • How are your products produced and where? As a small team, how do you guys inspire yourselves and each other to keep going to stay inspired about what you do?
  • We’re most definitely the definition of a small business! Steve and I designed the concepts for each scent and worked closely with an independent perfumer to bring our visions to life. We regularly visit the perfumery (a necessity when producing small batches!) and the rest is done by us... Everything from product photography, the running of social media channels and chatting with customers (one of the best bits), to posting out orders, strategising and all the day to day admin stuff (not quite so fun!). We’re both always there for each other though and make sure there’s time for play as well as work. The past year has had its tough moments for sure, but we always make time to get outside and into nature as that’s where we feel most inspired. We both love hiking and discovering new places, and I’m a keen photographer and there’s nothing I love more than spending a few hours snapping away in nature.
  • Who or what are your 3 favourite artists and small businesses?
  • Such a tough one as there’s so many great small businesses and artists out there. The community is also a real joy to be part of; we’ve met so many lovely people along the way since launching Elementary.
    @mdamvintage - Sarah is just one of our absolute favourite people! She’s supported us from day one and is hugely inspiring. Sadly she had to close her shop in Brixton due to Covid-19, but has since moved online where she sells the most amazing vintage and pre-loved fashion.
    @_silver_spur - Oh how we love Jane. She’s a Brighton based jewellery designer and her stuff is just gorgeous. She creates striking designs by hand in her workshop and has such a strong work ethic. (I bought her tiddies necklace last year - teeny, tiny silver boobs with brass nips. The coolest!)
    @aila_magazine - An illustrated magazine, created by Hannah who is an all-round wonderful human. Aila is all about empowering women and features articles by voluntary writers (me being one of them - such a great experience) and illustrations from independent artists. We love supporting indie publications, and Aila is proof that print isn’t over yet.
  • Question for the founders! What is your personal favourite scent from Elementary Scents? 
  • Oh we couldn’t possibly answer this, haha! Genuinely though, it’s difficult for either of us to say as we wear them all. Seriously! Each fragrance has been carefully concocted to reconnect you to nature and give a truly unique experience, so there’s definitely different days for different scents… Lazy Sage for pure relaxation and total peace, Unscheduled Wander for when we want to feel calm, soothed and balanced, and Lowbrow Jazz is always on hand to help us feel upbeat, refreshed and revitalised. Given the choice, what would be yours? ...See, it’s a toughy, isn’t it!

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