Eco Products to Help your Fitness Routine!
Trying to motivate yourself to begin your fitness journey?
Or do you just want to treat yourslef to some self care?
We've got it covered!
Before you begin your workout wake yourself up with a Good Morning Shower steamer. A powerful blend of aromatherapy essential oils that are sure to bring a spring to your step any morning. Features the invigorating EO's of Spearmint, Sweet Orange, and May Chang.
If you need extra help focusing on your favourite yoga routine simply
Spray your mat with our Zen Yoga Mist to help you find balance & calmness during your yoga & meditation practice
Once your done with your fitness routine for the day rub our Post Gym Muscle Soothing Gel on your skin for supremely relaxing icy-hot sensation created by cooling menthol and warming capsicum and camphor oil.
 If you are still feeling very hot and flustered after your intense workout and need extra help cooling down  blast skin with a cooling and hydrating gel, ideal after long days or for bodies of any age. Rub in a little Chill Me Out to deliver a powerful cooling sensation with this specially-formulated cooling gel. Ideal before or after workouts - or anytime you want a little cooling feeling. Once you try it you won't want to live without it!
This oil helps with stiff joints and aching muscles primarily but can also decrease stress and tension as well as promoting a restful sleep. Ideal if your favourite workout is gardening or if you are simply suffering with arthritic pains.
Still in pain? Not a fan of massage oils? We have got a perfect alternative for you. Natural Pain Relief Salve can be used for any inflammatory or muscle pain condition for all-natural relief. It is helpful in providing relief from discomfort due to arthritis, osteoarthritis, muscle and joint pain. A synergistic combination of infused oils and essential oils provide a natural yet effective relief to pain.

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