Aroma Body Treats - A strong female owned business and how she got started!
1/First of all, we would love to know about your business, how you started and what inspired you to start Aroma Body Treats. We would appreciate if you could give us a short statement explaining your journey and outlining things that inspire you.
I actually started Aroma Body Treats by pure accident. When my little girl was born, she had problems with eczema and couldn't use any high street brands for bath bombs ect, so I set out on a mission to make her some of my own. I then decided to make some for family and friends to give to them in a put together Christmas basket. They loved the products and started enquiring if they could buy, and that is where my research / experimenting journey began, and Aroma Body Treats was born. It was very important to me from the start that everything and anything I made was eco-friendly and free from plastic, which brought on it's own challenges, but I got there in the end :-) Due to originally creating them for my daughters sensitive skin, it was also important that she is always able to use my creations, so using only natural and organic ingredients, with no preservatives is a big must. Over time I have loved perfecting my products and packaging, and love to look for opportunities to present and make it easier and affordable for people to buy items that are a great treat for their skin, and something they feel great about using. The things that inspire me is to make people feel special. I honestly love putting a smile on peoples face, and making them feel like they matter and that someone cares. That is why I take such great care in preparing each and every order to make each recipient feel special, treated, and loved. 
2/As a small business owner, what's your work/life balance like? Do you ever stop working?
Haha, work life balance, does that even exist? :-) In all honesty, this was probably one of my many struggles when I started. I felt guilty if I spent too much time in my business and not with my kids and family, but then at the same time I felt guilty if I was working in the business as I am the only one working on it. To start with stopping was a no go, and rarely happened. I of course reached the burnout stage, where I started loathing the business, and putting less effort in because I felt it was eating away at my life, rather than providing the life I wanted. This is where I learned how to divide my time. I have set days / times where I work, and other set days / times that I give my kids / house / husband my full attention. Of course I am always checking up on customers ect, but I put systems and strategies in place to allow me to spend focused time where it is needed, without feeling guilty about it. 
3/Where do you get your ideas from and motivation to keep going? Are there any particular websites, films, social media profiles that you motivate you to keep going? 
 Funnily enough, most of my ideas come from the time I am the quietest and not working. I love to disconnect from social media, from errands, from to do lists, and just allow my mind the wonder and dream as big as it can. One little trick I have is to always ask myself "Is that is"? "What else"? and also asking myself "What if"? I find by asking myself these questions, it allows my mind to dream in directions I would never have been able to by trying to logically think about what is possible. Of course, not everything I think of works out or is a great idea, I wish they all were, but most of them sets me on the path of learning and perfecting my ideas to the point where they just work, and I find by doing it this way, I honestly still love what I do, and I love discovering and seeing how far I can take it. Believe it or not, one of my all time favourite films is Gladiator. I always think if Maximum can through everything he has been through, still find peace and glory the way he did, then surely I can find my happy place through the trials and tribulations of running my business. A social media page I recommend following is Ryan Pinnick from Supergenius. Learning about who you are, what holds you back, and how we are self sabotaging ourselves is one of the best teachings you will find, and something that can serve you in your life going forward. Last but not least, upbeat music, there has to be upbeat music :-)
4/Is there anything that you'd tell yourself who was starting Aroma Body Treats? Words of advice? 
Yes, don't listen to people who don't have their own business, or who have not been through the experience. When starting out it is so easy to listen to everyone's opinions of what they think you need or what they think you should be doing, that you end up listening to advice that sends you in the wrong direction and costs too much in the end. Either follow your own idea of where you want  to go, and do as much research and experimenting on the business you are building, or find a mentor who can guide you through it, but be very careful who you allow to guide you and listen to. Running a small / medium / large business is not easy, and there are so many things to take into account. Listen to your gut, and don't be afraid to make mistakes. Learn in the directions you wish to go, and your learning experience will be a much more fruitful and happier experience. 

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