4 Tips for Making your Selfcare Routine a Zero Waste One


As an Eco Shop we are SO aware of all the greenwashing techniques and high priced ‘eco’ & ‘sustainable’ beauty & selfcare products saturating the market. The truth is, when it boils down to it, there are some really simple guidelines that you need to follow that will transform your selfcare routine to a zero waste one and this won’t be fulfilled by a £30 makeup pad set and a £25 cleansing balm. Below are some of our top tips & universial products that can help transform your routine.


Did you know it takes years for makeup wipes to breakdown in landfill sites. Even when you decide to flush your makeup wipe down the toilet, you're contributing to blocked sewage systems and leaving sewage workers to fish out your 'convenient' makeup wipe just for it to be placed in a landfill site. Yes! We get it, buying a pack of makeup wipes is just SO EASY & SO CONVENIENT, but this lifestyle of 'convenience' is adversely effecting our planet.

Our 16 piece reusable makeup remover pads can help to fight this problem of billions of wipes ending up at landfill sites and at the bottom of the beautiful ocean.

You can re-use our Makeup remover pads up to 500 times simply by adding them to your normal wash cycle. Just add your favourite makeup remover serum to the pads or simply just add water and help to fight this on-going issue associated with 'convenient' facial wipes.

When selecting the perfect makeup pad for you, its important to identify how heavy your current makeup is. If you use a LOT of heavy makeup such as mascara, make sure you go for a dark charcoal makeup pad set. If you use standard disposable cotton pads for facial toners & cleansers, make sure you go for the ultra soft plain makeup removal pads! I’ve linked both types below:



Billions of plastic bottles from shampoo & conditioner are disposated into landfill every year. This can be easily avoidable.

Heres a few great options:

  1. Buy Shampoo & Conditioner in larger bulk quanities (Faith by Nature have some great options)
  2. Shampoo Bars! Shampoo Bars include NO Plastic! With some shampoo bars there is a transition period to get through. There are also some conditioner bars available on the market that are fantastic at nourishing hair. We have some available at MY LITTLE ECO SHOP currently which we LOVE.
  3. Buy shampoo & conditioner that are provided in aluminmum tins. A lot of companies provide these with refill options. We currently don’t have any available on MY LITTLE ECO SHOP as of yet but you can find some great options online. 


Surprisingly a lot of makeup STILL is packaged in plastic packaging. Its completely baffling how businesses are still using plastic packaging for skincare & lipsticks etc. when there are glass options available.

Its so important when shopping online for makeup to identify the packaging they come in. Making the simple switch of only buying plastic free bottled foundations, lipsticks etc. can make a HUGE difference to creating a more sustainable future.

Some great plastic free makeup options:








As you can imagine the industry for dental products used to be filled with plastic tubes full of chemical ridden toothpaste. I can proudly say that I haven’t witnessed any of my friends or family using non-biodegradable dental care in a long time. Mainly because I keep giving out too many samples!

There a so many incredible options now available for biodegradable dental products. Some of my favourites are biodegradable floss made from candela wax. At Eco Shop we have a charcoal version of this available which is great at revealing plaque!

One of my favourite products are by Georganics, their Eucaltptus Toothpaste. The taste is definitely something you have to force yourself to get used to, but the results are amazing! ItsFluoride free, SLS free & glycerin free. The product is also mineral-rich & has a non-foaming formula to promote remineralisation. My teeth are noticeable whiter and my oral hygenie has definitely improved. They’ve also got some great oil pulling mouthwashes available for anyone who needs to bump up their oral hygiene.

Click here to view our plastic free dental care collection

Thank you for reading this blog today! Obviously there are SO many incredibable ways you can zero-waste your selfcare routine but these are some of my current switches that I am loving!

Best Wishes,






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