3 Simple Reasons to Switch to Shampoo Bars

Shampoo Bars are becoming the latest zero waste trend. They are becoming increasingly popular as small businesses begin to develop niche bars that contain amazing ingredients to rival large shampoo bottle companies!

Here are 3 of our favourite reasons to switch to shampoo bars:


Over a year, the average person throws away over 20 plastic shampoo & conditioner bottles. Zero-Waste shampoo bars are the perfect solution, packaged plastic free and developed with compostable & recyclable packaging. Shampoo Bars are the latest trend that are dramatically reducing the average person’s plastic waste every year.

Better for your Hair

Some of the benefits of switching to shampoo bars aren’t just in the reduction of plastic but due to their more natural qualities, they can help increase hair volume, make your hair grow faster and provide you with more healthy hair!Shampoo Bars contain little to no chemicals and sulphates which are present in mainstream plastic shampoo this leaves you hair healthier and happier for long whilst having a less damaging effect on the environment.

Cost Effective

On average Shampoo Bars can be used between 25-85 times (depending on the bar and size) this is equivalent to around 2-6 plastic shampoo bottles for the cost of one shampoo bottle! This means that depending on the bar you buy; shampoo bars are a more cost effective long lasting option.

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