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      3 Simple Reasons to Switch to Shampoo Bars

      3 Simple Reasons to Switch to Shampoo Bars

      Shampoo Bars are becoming the latest zero waste trend. They are becoming increasingly popular as small businesses begin to develop niche bars that contain amazing ingredients to rival large shampoo bottle companies!

      Here are 3 of our favourite reasons to switch to shampoo bars:


      Over a year, the average person throws away over 20 plastic shampoo & conditioner bottles. Zero-Waste shampoo bars are the perfect solution, packaged plastic free and developed with compostable & recyclable packaging. Shampoo Bars are the latest trend that are dramatically reducing the average person’s plastic waste every year.

      Better for your Hair

      Some of the benefits of switching to shampoo bars aren’t just in the reduction of plastic but due to their more natural qualities, they can help increase hair volume, make your hair grow faster and provide you with more healthy hair!Shampoo Bars contain little to no chemicals and sulphates which are present in mainstream plastic shampoo this leaves you hair healthier and happier for long whilst having a less damaging effect on the environment.

      Cost Effective

      On average Shampoo Bars can be used between 25-85 times (depending on the bar and size) this is equivalent to around 2-6 plastic shampoo bottles for the cost of one shampoo bottle! This means that depending on the bar you buy; shampoo bars are a more cost effective long lasting option.

      4 Tips for Making your Selfcare Routine a Zero Waste One

      4 Tips for Making your Selfcare Routine a Zero Waste One


      As an Eco Shop we are SO aware of all the greenwashing techniques and high priced ‘eco’ & ‘sustainable’ beauty & selfcare products saturating the market. The truth is, when it boils down to it, there are some really simple guidelines that you need to follow that will transform your selfcare routine to a zero waste one and this won’t be fulfilled by a £30 makeup pad set and a £25 cleansing balm. Below are some of our top tips & universial products that can help transform your routine.


      Did you know it takes years for makeup wipes to breakdown in landfill sites. Even when you decide to flush your makeup wipe down the toilet, you're contributing to blocked sewage systems and leaving sewage workers to fish out your 'convenient' makeup wipe just for it to be placed in a landfill site. Yes! We get it, buying a pack of makeup wipes is just SO EASY & SO CONVENIENT, but this lifestyle of 'convenience' is adversely effecting our planet.

      Our 16 piece reusable makeup remover pads can help to fight this problem of billions of wipes ending up at landfill sites and at the bottom of the beautiful ocean.

      You can re-use our Makeup remover pads up to 500 times simply by adding them to your normal wash cycle. Just add your favourite makeup remover serum to the pads or simply just add water and help to fight this on-going issue associated with 'convenient' facial wipes.

      When selecting the perfect makeup pad for you, its important to identify how heavy your current makeup is. If you use a LOT of heavy makeup such as mascara, make sure you go for a dark charcoal makeup pad set. If you use standard disposable cotton pads for facial toners & cleansers, make sure you go for the ultra soft plain makeup removal pads! I’ve linked both types below:



      Billions of plastic bottles from shampoo & conditioner are disposated into landfill every year. This can be easily avoidable.

      Heres a few great options:

      1. Buy Shampoo & Conditioner in larger bulk quanities (Faith by Nature have some great options)
      2. Shampoo Bars! Shampoo Bars include NO Plastic! With some shampoo bars there is a transition period to get through. There are also some conditioner bars available on the market that are fantastic at nourishing hair. We have some available at MY LITTLE ECO SHOP currently which we LOVE.
      3. Buy shampoo & conditioner that are provided in aluminmum tins. A lot of companies provide these with refill options. We currently don’t have any available on MY LITTLE ECO SHOP as of yet but you can find some great options online. 


      Surprisingly a lot of makeup STILL is packaged in plastic packaging. Its completely baffling how businesses are still using plastic packaging for skincare & lipsticks etc. when there are glass options available.

      Its so important when shopping online for makeup to identify the packaging they come in. Making the simple switch of only buying plastic free bottled foundations, lipsticks etc. can make a HUGE difference to creating a more sustainable future.

      Some great plastic free makeup options:

      OUR STORE:






      4. DENTAL CARE

      As you can imagine the industry for dental products used to be filled with plastic tubes full of chemical ridden toothpaste. I can proudly say that I haven’t witnessed any of my friends or family using non-biodegradable dental care in a long time. Mainly because I keep giving out too many samples!

      There a so many incredible options now available for biodegradable dental products. Some of my favourites are biodegradable floss made from candela wax. At Eco Shop we have a charcoal version of this available which is great at revealing plaque!

      One of my favourite products are by Georganics, their Eucaltptus Toothpaste. The taste is definitely something you have to force yourself to get used to, but the results are amazing! ItsFluoride free, SLS free & glycerin free. The product is also mineral-rich & has a non-foaming formula to promote remineralisation. My teeth are noticeable whiter and my oral hygenie has definitely improved. They’ve also got some great oil pulling mouthwashes available for anyone who needs to bump up their oral hygiene.

      Click here to view our plastic free dental care collection

      Thank you for reading this blog today! Obviously there are SO many incredibable ways you can zero-waste your selfcare routine but these are some of my current switches that I am loving!

      Best Wishes,






      Why Making the Swap to Re-useable Sanitary Pads is better for your Health & the Environment?


      Sanitary pads are one of many items that women like you around the globe use on a monthly basis; they’re also a product that you probably don’t think twice about when picking a packet off the shelves. But you should, because there are an abundance of advantages for choosing certain types of pads over others. More specifically, re-usable ones. “But what are these benefits?” I hear you ask. Well…

      The Environment

      One of the biggest problems we face in our modern world is how to combat the devastation the human race is inflicting upon our planet. But small things such as eating organically and managing power usage can make a difference; and this is no different when it comes to reusable sanitary products. The plastic used in the pads is not biodegradable. When dumped in places where they cannot be disintegrated, they can pollute the surroundings for years. A lot of this plastic ends up in the ocean, where it can kill underwater wildlife if ingested. When it eventually washes up on beaches, clean-up operations can take days to fully rid the coastline of plastic. By switching to reusable pads this problem is avoided. The pads are recycled into new products, and don't end up causing damage we see with traditional pads.

      Your Personal Health

      As many of you will know, pads can be extremely uncomfortable and irritating at times. And if you have very sensitive skin, sometimes the chemicals in the pads can also be harmful to your body. Reusable pads can eliminate all of these problems! Most brands are allergen-free, so those with more sensitive skin can rest easy. These sanitary pads are also a lot more breathable, and just more comfortable in general.

      Pricing and Cost-Effectiveness

      One of the main reasons why a lot of women make the switch to reusable pads is due to how you save more money in the long run. Instead of buying new pads every month, the reusable pads do exactly what they say on the packaging; they are reusable (go figure). As long as they are washed thoroughly, the pads can be reused multiple times. This comes in handy if you didn’t have the chance to go to the shops to get new ones at a time of desperate need.

      Empowerment and More Freedom

      Another major problem with most sanitary pads is how they restrict your everyday movements. This is especially problematic when it comes to sport and exercise. But the reusable pads help with this too! They are a lot more discreet and allow you to carry out your everyday activities as you would normally. Not only is this more convenient but it is also a massive confidence booster. Although some might prefer to be more discreet, a lot of women nowadays think that it’s not something to be ashamed of. Yet, the plain white colour of the plastic pads is not exactly fun. Reusable pads come in a variety of colours, disregarding the once prevalent, “Culture of Concealment”.

      Click Shop Our Range of Re-Useable Sanitary Pads 

      Get 20% Off ALL Feminine Care with Code: TLC20

      Simple Acne Charcoal Soap Recipe

      Simple Acne Charcoal Soap Recipe

      Hey Everyone!

      Here at ECOSHOP we've been making our Own Natural Charcoal Deodorant to help with acne for years! Activated charcoal effectively cleanses the skin, unclogs pores, removes deeper impurities, and dead skin cells. The result is smooth, supple, and even-toned skin. Dirt, toxins, heavy metals, chemicals, and other poisons are attracted to the charcoal molecules and washed away. This simple recipe is perfect for making your very own soap! You will need a soap mould & a large mixing bowl. First pour all the ingredients into a mixing bowl and heat up until the mixture melts under a low / moderate heat. 

      • 100 Grams of Shea Butter
      • 150 Grams of Beeswax / Vegan Alternative

      Once the mixture has melted. Stir throughly. The add the two KEY ingredients below and mix until all the Charcoal has been absorbed by the mixture. 

      • 50ml of Witch Hazel Floral Water
      • 20 Grams of Activated Charcoal Powder

      Next pour your mixture into a soap mould and store in the fridge / leave in a cool place for 24 hours. & there we are! Your very own Charcoal Soap for acne. You can use this soap once a day (before bed is best due to the messy nature of charcoal). Simply apply your soap directly to problem areas with added water and wash off!

      If you've got your own natural skincare making recipes then feel free to share them below! We're looking for more individuals to help us make a little eco-recipe page, so if you've got an eco-product / your own recipe then let us know below or email us at publicrelations@mylittleecoshop.com! It would be great to also feature some small businesses around the UK who are making their own products!

      Simple Natural Deodorant Making Recipe

      Simple Natural Deodorant Making Recipe

      Hey Everyone!

      Here at ECOSHOP we find it hard to find the perfect all natural deodorant. A lot of natural deodorants on the market contain bicarbonate of soda and it leaves us feeling a little bit sensitive on the under arm area! At ECOSHOP our team have been making our own little eco deodorant for the past few months and we are loving the results! The recipe is SUPER simple. Simply melt the ingredients listed below over boiling water and add your favourite essential oil (our favourite is lavender as its got great anti-bacterial properties that leave you smelling fresh!). Once the ingredients have melted together you can pour the liquid into a small tin / carton to set. Leave for around 1 hour and then you have your very own natural deodorant. This recipe is great as you can play around with different essential oils and combine different oils together to make the best smells. Its also really cheap to make and is great for people who suffer with under arm sensitivity. If you want to make your deodorant more creamy, simply add less beeswax / if you want to make more of a roll on deodorant add more beeswax so the liquid solidifies a lot harder. You can either use Pure Beeswax or source your own Vegan Beeswax such as White Wax!

      • 1tsp Coconut Oil
      • 1tsp Shea Butter
      • 1.5tsp Beeswax / Vegan Beeswax Alternative (White Wax)
      • Your Own Essential Oils
      If you've got your own natural skincare / deodorant making recipes then feel free to share them below! We're looking for more individuals to help us make a little eco-recipe page, so if you've got an eco-product / your own recipe then let us know below or email us at publicrelations@mylittleecoshop.com! It would be great to also feature some small businesses around the UK who are making their own products!





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